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Saaremaa 15/09/2011

In a period of three months the local farmers claim that wolves have taken more than 70 sheep and injured several others. They want Saaremaa, Estonia's largest island in the Baltic sea to be free of wolves.
There are believed to be but three wolves on the island. The farmers have a permit to kill one wolf to appease them but November will see the start of the hunting season.
It is also possible that stray dogs could account for most of the killings.
All in all there are approximately between 100 and 200 wolves in Estonia.
Area: 45,226 sq. km. (17,462 sq. mi.); slightly smaller than New Hampshire and Vermont combined.

Population (2010): 1.340 million people.

Wolves and Estonia.
There are between 100 and 200 wolves in Estonia.
Estonia is a member of the EU and thus its wolf population falls inside the rules of the EU nature conservation as a protected species.