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I read so often of people living in wolf country that complain that wolves come into their properties and attack their pets and I recommend that a fence be put up in the area where the pets are kept at night and that fladry be used.
Fladry consists of a rope or wire that traditionally has strips of red or orange flagging all along its length. This flagging 'whips' about in the wind and acts as a 'psychological' deterrent to wolves. I personally have found that white fladry works very well especially at night.
Good idea for ranchers is to use fladry to surround their night corrals, where they enclose livestock for the night so that they can better keep an eye on their herds, and to protect them from predators and when an electrified wire is added to the fladry, it is called 'Turbo-fladry'. If any predators let their curiosity get the better of them, and they try and touch the turbo-fladry, the shock they get reinforces the idea that anything to do with fladry is bad.
Fladry lines have been used for this purpose for several centuries and is worthwhile as a simple way to deter wolves from livestock as wolves have a natural aversion to unknown objects blowing in the wind and making unnatural sounds...
Another good deterrant in this category is to place large white flags cut from a noisy material like plastic shopping bags  around your fence. Fladry and flags must be moved so that wolves do not have a chance to figure out a way around the strange object. It is always good to differ the sizes of flags and also the colors.


Dogs should rather be kept in a secure mesh enclosure if they have to sleep outside. A chained dog is like baiting for a wolf and the dog will have no chance of escape. Best still to keep them inside if you stay in wolf country.
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