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Japanese Wolves: (by Vincent Kennard)
There were two sub species of the Grey wolf once found in Japan. The Hokkaido Wolf, also known as Ezo wolves the other was the demunitive Honshu Wolf.
The Hokkaido wolf was endemic of the island Hokkaido and was bigger than the Honshu Wolf. They became extinct as a result of being deemed a threat to the local ranching industry during the Meiji restoration period. They were targeted by the government through a bounty system and a chemical extermination program.
The high rate of development also took its toll.
Though many claimed to have seen the Hokkaido wolf after this period the claims could not be verified.
Today the government is again considering reintroducing the wolf to curb wild pig destruction of crops.
( The pic above is of what is believed to be a descendant of a Japanese wolf, but no certainty about it exists as the creature could not be captured.)