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A two-day event that takes place in the town of Cholpon-Ata, Kyrgyzstan called the Salborun Festival is a celebration of the country’s best and most respected hunters. In addition to talented hunters, it also draws the region’s best hunting dogs and falcons. While most of the events at the festival celebrate the hunters and animals in a humane manner, one specific event referred to as “wolf baiting” has received negative attention for its barbaric ill-treatment of animals. Ask the Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan to stop the torture and killing of live wolves at these festivals.

Wolf baiting is not representative of usual hunting methods, but rather is a symbolic celebration of dominance over hunted prey. In this event, a live wolf is tied to a post while a trained hunting dog or falcon attacks and maims it to death. Hundreds of onlooking hunters watch and cheer as the creature is torn to pieces or bleeds to death. In many cases, the wolf inflicts serious damage to the attack animals, and so recent events have introduced a bit that is placed in the victim’s mouth to reduce its ability to fight back. This further terrifies the creature, and it never survives the encounter.

Because this practice is symbolic and therefore completely unnecessary in order to display the skill of hunting animals, this particular event should be banned from the festival. It is not right to torture and kill an innocent creature in such a vicious manner, and the festival can persist just as well without live wolf killings. In addition, it poses danger to hunting animals, as the wolf often overpowers them at some point during the attack and more than one animal is harmed. The only truth this practice reveals is how the human race feels so superior to animals as to treat them like mere objects instead of sentient beings. Such blatant disregard for the suffering of another living thing is cruel. This practice is a violation to animal welfare and it must be stopped.

Senseless killing of innocent wolves has desensitized the Kyrgyz hunters from the true atrocity of wolf baiting.


Also, please watch this short documentary demonstrating the brutal practice of Wolf Baiting at the Salborün Festival.


On the 1st May 2013
a wolf like this one will die a horrible death, help us to stop this dreadful practise at the Salborün hunting festival in Kyrgyzstan

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Kyrgyzstan Prime Minister, print it and send it by post, send another by e-mail. Deliver it to a Kyrgyzstan Embassy near you and make a phonecall. Be civil but ask the Ambassador to stop the cruelty.
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