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The dog as an alternative method of combating wolf predation in a non lethal way.
Few methods are as well known as the guard dog to keep wolves at bay. There are many different types of dogs bred for this purpose. These dogs are usually large and strong with a natural instinct to protect its charge, The downside of dogs is that they need lots of care, they need to be fed and it is not advisable to leave them unattended for long periods of time. The more popular breeds are the Anatolian sheepdog or also known a the Kangal, the German shepherd, Pyrenean Mountain Dog (The Great Pyrenees), Komondor and many others are but a few of these special dogs.
Most of the dogs mentioned here have their specific specialties and most need different training. The German Shepherd for instance is best used to assist a human shepherd. The Anatolian on the other side is highly protective of its flock and will stay with it for long periods of time and will even attack humans it deems a threat.
They have all got one thing in common though, maintenance and feeding is high and training is very intensive making them very expensive tools in the business of livestock guarding.
The Komondor
Pyrenean Mountain Dog
Pastore Abruzzese or Maremma
Some images of Anatolians guarding goats.