This is a favourite of The Wolf Army because it is the most logical and least complicated solution. Donkeys are already used in Europe and some parts of the US with great effect. No special training, nor special food needed. Mammoth donkeys should be used as companion grazers against wolves, and never less than two. Ratio should be two donkeys per 20 heads of cattle. Please share this as wide as possible.
Females are easier to work with and are generally more protective and gentler with their charges.
The American Mammoth is the world’s largest breed of donkey and amazingly, their usual size is between 14 and 16 hands although some giants of the breed get to be the size of shire horses. However, their small numbers mean that in some countries (for example New Zealand), Mammoth Donkeys are classified as a Rare Breed of Donkey.
A donkey guarding sheep. Although they seem docile animals these little donkeys are ferocious defenders of the herd or flock they associate with. Unlike other herd animals they do not tend to run or go into a panic when accosted by wolves , coyotes, jackal, dogs or any other canine predators. They attack what they deem a threat and not only kick with deadly effect but also uses its teeth as a weapon. Donkeys like horses have a mean bite.
Donkeys used as an excellent alternative to dogs to defend livestock herds against wolves , coyotes and other predators.
Watch this video on the use of donkeys
A word of caution.
Donkeys are not all protective. They differ in personality and temperament. It is recommended to purchase donkeys that were trained for guarding livestock. If wolves are prevalent always keep more than one.
The Wolf Army give these farms only as a guide and do not vouch for the specific farms.
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