The Wolf Army
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The Wolf Army and the wolf.
The Wolf :An overview.
Once the most successful predator on the globe. They literally ruled the world for thousands of years and it wasn't until the dawn of the rifle that mankind started to take over the hunting territories of wolves, driving them back further and further until they were only found in the most inhospitable places. ..a natural plains hunter it retreated into dense forests and mountains where few humans dared to venture in its bid for survival.
Wolves were hunted down incessantly. Many governments declared them pests and vermin. This was the norm and in places like Norway the name for wolf even means, 'thing of no use'.
The US government declared the wolf as vermin and ordered it to be wiped out, which effectively rubbed the wolf from the USA landscape in the late forties when the last ones were killed. Almost fifty years later in 1994 wolves were reintroduced into the Northern Rockies but the re-introduction was doomed from the start.
The Cattle Ranching fraternity did not want the wolf there and the wolf in the USA was once again under attack. Dubious laws protected the wolf under the Federal government but poachers and ranchers found ways to circumvent these laws. Even so the wolf population grew and the problem and opposition with it.
Against all advice from environmental groups the Federal government lifted the protection of wolves and de-listed them from the endangered species list in some states. Montana and Idaho immediately started culling programs and opened a hunting season on wolves that was not entirely in line with the wolf management plans agreed with the Federal Government. Wyoming made it clear that wolves will immediately be irradicated when they are de-listed and thus the Federal Government stayed the de-listing in that state.
In 2009 a legal battle ensued between wolf advocates and the Federal Government about the legality of the de-listing and in the fall of 2009 Judge Molloy ruled that the action to de-list only part of the wolf population is illegal. This resulted in turmoil and chaos in the anti wolf camp and immediately afterward an appeal was launched. Combined with this action the Governmental leaders like Butch Otter of Idaho working with various other lawmakers from Montana and Wyoming launched a Congressional attack on the protected status of the wolf. In 2010 with the budget headaches looming and the government on the brink of a shutdown certain riders slipped through the cracks implanted by these Governors that de-listed the wolf in parts of the USA overturning the ruling of Judge Molloy. A clause was also inserted that these riders cannot be challenged in a court of law, creating a certain constitutional conundrum,
The wolves are again facing a severe culling in Montana, Idaho and several other states and regions who caught on to the 'rider' technique to circumvent proper lawmaking procedure and by doing so the Endangered Species Act was literary ripped to shreds.
A group of Wolf Advocates under the lead of The Center for Biological Diversity challenged these riders in the constitutional court where once again Judge Molloy have it in his power to save the ESA and so doing the wolves from yet another wolf hunt.
On the  3rd August 2011 Judge Molloy finally nailed the last spike into the coffin of the ESA by siding with the anti-wolf campaign making the riders legal and unassailable by a court of law.
The Wolf Army has tried unsuccessfully to establish a viable force in the USA but undertook to keep on fighting to ensure the wild status of the wolf in the USA. Fortunately there are states like Washington and Oregon that took the positive path by taking a different route regarding wolves in those states. This is something that we should support.
In my personal capacity I will strive to establish an army of people who will endeavour to change perceptions of the wolf, that will work on a higher level too, such as governmental level and political as well as corporate.
This requires a high level of funding and will take time. In the mean time The Wolf Army will continue with education and positive promotion of the wolf amongst ordinary people.
I can only hope that Americans will catch on to the effectiveness of the physical protest so that in future the pro wolf people can be as visible in the streets as the anti wolf people are now.
Vincent A Kennard - Founder of The Wolf Army
Wolf Army News
The Wolf Army:

The Wolf Army came into existence in 2005 when I decided to do something about the plight of wolves all over the world and membership of The Wolf Army grew to a staggering number I will not divulge. Mostly members acted secretly and supplied The Wolf Army with information and kept it abreast of what's happening. The Wolf Army was growing.
In 2009 I decided to go public with The Wolf Army and opened a page on Face Book with the same name. The Wolf Army attracted immediate attention as interested people joined the ranks . By April 2012 the number of supporters soared to 21700 and it is still growing.
The Wolf Army Sweden:
In June 2010 The Wolf Army Sweden came into existence as the Swedes took up the fight for the survival of the wolf in that country.

This is the ultimate goal of The Wolf Army:
The Wolf Army aims to save the Wolf from further persecution and extinction by establishing a vast network of people, pooling skills, knowledge, contacts, economic and political power to reach our aim.

In the interim we will organize events in protest of the killing of wolves and we will educate and inform people on the true nature of the wolf. By doing this we hope to achieve a new generation with a more tolerant idea of the wolf and its co-predators and the need for these animals in our Eco systems.

It is our wish that you will join us in the struggle for the wolf in its wild habitat and with it the struggle for the survival of our planet.

Thank you
Vincent Kennard
Protest march in Stockholm by Wolf Army Sweden