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The Plan of The Wolf Army.

For months we have done whatever we can to ward off the constant political and legal attacks by the enemy of the wolves. Politicians have betrayed the cause, fellow 'conservation' organizations have compromised their position and finally we find ourselves in the position where the wolf is now with its back to the wall.
The time for petitions and letters and constant calls to politicians has come and gone, they ignored our calls for leaving the wolf to do what it was supposed to do when it came to existence millions of years ago.
They are here to keep our ecosystems healthy and has done so for eons until man thought it best to take over the task. A task we failed to accomplished and we failed miserably, yet there are still those of us who persistently believe that we can do better than nature,.
After all is said and done the wolves are once again under fire and the USA stands a good chance of reversing the clock back to the 1940's when the last wolves died in the Northern Rockies.
What stands us to do? That is the question and I am asked that specific question by many ardent soldiers of The Wolf Army.
It is clear that the only option left for us in the United States is to show our dislike of the state of affairs, not in cyberspace but in real time. We have to go out there and shout our protest at the very people who ignored our civil request to rethink their actions against the wolves. We have to go out there and cast our votes away from these people responsible for changing laws in an almost Fascistic manner, bulldozing it through Congress and Senate when the country is at its weakest point economically. Killing wolves will not make it better for the American in the street, killing wolves is a decoy and van guard action for worse to come...What law will henceforth be changed to suit certain politicians and their benefactors?

The future of the wolf and other predators in the world depends on people like us. Do not let them down.

I salute you my dear soldiers of The Wolf Army
Let us march for the wolves of the world

Vincent Kennard
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This is for the family who wants to be members of The Wolf Army as a clan. (One single certificate for the family )
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This is our family option for the family who wants to become a Clan Member of The Wolf Army.

This option is limited to five members per family. Each individual member of the clan member can opt for an individual certificate at an aditional $10.00 or 7.57 but only if a Clan Membership was issued to his/her family.
A member of The Wolf Army agrees to: honorable and ethical in his words and conduct
2.always act responsible reasonable and non violent solutions to the problems facing wolves worldwide. firm and unyielding regarding wolf issues but always mindful and respectful of the laws of the given country.
5. clear all actions in the name of The Wolf Army in writing by the headquarters of The Wolf Army and its local branch committee before enacting them.
6.respect property rights and not engage in destructive behaviour.
7.represent The Wolf Army in a responsible and honorable way whenever attending meetings regarding wolf issues.
8.always keep an eye out for local wolf issues and to report back to The Wolf Army.
9.always speak out for the wolves in any matter regarding their welfare or safety.
10. to defend wolves in a non violent manner and report acts of animal cruelty to The Wolf Army and to the local animal welfare authorities.
A Wolf Army member still retains his/her right to defend him/her self by any means necessary if his/her life is threatened in any way.

Yes I agree to the above codes of conduct and undertake to be an honorable and dedicated member of The Wolf Army.
If you agree on the above 10 articles of the code of conduct then you may take a membership of The Wolf Army
Memberships are $20 or 15.15 a year.
You will receive a certificate confirming your membership.
After being a member for a year members who will renew their memberships will receive an member card with your unique number name on to identify yourself as a member of this organization.