The wolf, pursuing its lightning re-colonising of France, has reached the Vosges Mountains on the Alsace-Lorraine border for the first time in 80 years.
Panic grips the countryside around Vosges as some sheep were taken by what appeared to be wolves.
Hair raising stories of super wolves eating 10 sheep in one night and killing many other at the same time are good examples of the superstitious legends atributed to this mystery animal.
Canada: BC declares open war on wolves in the Cariboo region.
Critics say it purely politically motivated but the Ministry for Agriculture says its for the livestock farmers. They reckon the wolves can hold against an all out season of trapping and shooting.....
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North Carolina
The Red Wolf is good for Eastern North Carolina.
Poaching a major problem in Sweden!

Conservation group sues – again – to protect Mexican gray wolf in Arizona....
Stateside: Studying wolves to understand the environment...
We posted an article and a photograph on our wall two weeks ago of the first Mexican wolf to be released into the wild in 4 years to replace a male that has been poached...well bad news he has been recaptured again...
Wolf 832F by Doug Mclaughlin
Pic by Alan Lacy
How Wolves Can Save an Ecosystem
by Lisa Winter

While scientists have pointed to the negative effects of the decline or loss of a top predator for years, it isn’t very often that we can observe the opposite and watch a predator reclaim territory and restore order.

Another famous wolf killed in Yellowstone.... wolf 832 F ....
Trust voters to decide on wolf hunting
There’s no better way to assess what the people of Michigan want than to allow them to vote on it.
When lawmakers return to Lansing on Wednesday, they’ll have an opportunity to restore respect for the democratic process by rejecting an initiative put forth by the pro-wolf-hunting group “Citizens for Professional Wildlife Management.” This initiative is a thinly veiled attempt to circumvent nearly one-half million Michigan residents who signed petitions during two referendum campaigns to stop wolf hunting.

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Oregon wolf OR-7 and pack having no trouble with Gulch wildfire
The Oregon Gulch wildfire is burning within several miles of where a pack of wolves lives in southern Oregon, but the state Department of Fish and Wildlife says they are not threatened.

Wildlife biologist Mark Vargas in the Rogue District office says OR-7, his mate and three pups should have little trouble skirting the flames and smoke.
Wolf numbers near peak, but attacks down, MLive analysis shows. What's going on?
Wolf attacks on livestock and dogs - a key justification for last year’s first hunt - are down, even as the numbers of wolves remain near their high, a new analysis shows.
The numbers come as conflict over the hunt is peaking. As many as three proposals could be on the ballot this fall, but lawmakers could make all that moot later this month by short cutting voter input.
Although depredation issues are down TWA does stress that the counting procedures based on thumb sucking over estimates the number of wolves grossly. However we also say that public hunts is no way a management tool for wolves.
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11 Nov 2015: Arizona:
Mexican wolf released in wild:
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Sweden: The hunt is on for 2nd Jan 2016

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11 Nov 2015
Endangered Ethiopian Wolves

May Get an Extra Dose of Protection
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The Wonder Wolves of Chernobyl

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