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Buy this book by author Vincent A Kennard in E-Book format(Pdf Format) and support our quest for the establishment of a wolf sanctuary for wolves in South Africa.
Wolves are not indigenous to South Africa and were imported originally by the Nationalist Government to breed attack dogs. The experiment failed and the wolves were left to the mercy of breeders. Many are well cared for but most are kept under abusive conditions. These are the ones we want to help. Almost 300 wolves...Help us to help them ...Thank you.

Fictional Action adventure novel. For adult reading only.
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The Wolf Chronicles
Part 1 The Spirit of a Wolf
England, 1645 begins the last stand of the wolves with the birth of a new leader. The battle for supremacy in the spirit world between wolf and man escalates.
Veka’s leads his pack against the violent onslaught from the human forces on earth. His only backing, the supreme command of the wolf forces in the heavens.
Human history becomes interwoven with the wolves’ efforts to stem the tide against the genocide of the wolf species. They infiltrate human society in human form, releasing their wrath against their formidable foe on an unprecedented scale.
The continuous slaughter of their kind carries on relentlessly as the human spirit forces renew their efforts to wipe them out.
Then a final effort by the wolves starts with a clandestine infiltration of human leadership on earth. A plan that will see the end of mankind as it is known. 
What starts out in the forest of England ends in violence, deceit and mayhem in the Acacia jungle of Southern Angola.

Part  2.
The Mamba Files.
Thirty years later. The war in the heavens comes to an end in a shaky truce. An end not altogether accepted by all in the wolf camp. 
Veka becomes the new commander of the wolf forces and seeks the lost members of his pack amidst the violent human gang wars in the port city of Durban.
Their fates mingle with that of the crime boss Ronald Raider and culminates in a bloody battle for supremacy on a Chinese freighter.
The coming of the Omega brings the truce between the humans and the wolves to an end. This time Veka and his friends may have to fight against their own kind.
Vincent A Kennard grew up in the Mpumalanga province in South Africa. After finishing his schooling in Nelspruit, Vincent joined the military for two years.
The experimental use of wolves as attack animals in the border war focused his attention to the plight of these mythical and intelligent creatures. 
After leaving the military he studied at the University of Pretoria.
In 2005 he completed ‘The Wolf Chronicles’ and since then he completed two more works, ‘The Day the Sun Stumbled’ and ‘Umathunzi-The Shadow Man’.
Today, he resides in Durban on the East Coast of South Africa.
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Boris  the wolf that inspired The Wolf Chronicles and also The Wolf Army.
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