Dear reader, as a person who visits this website it is generally accepted that you are a lover of animals, someone that feel that kindness toward other creatures define you as a human.
Many people in today's world have come to realize that we as humans, are not the only creatures on earth that have a capacity for feeling love, for experiencing pain, (physical and emotional). That we are not the only creature who has the capacity for feeling the pain of seperation from loved ones, we are not the only ones that experience fear and trauma. All creatures do. Every creature on earth loves its own life at least as much as we do ours. Each creature would rather live out its life in a natural way taking part in the natural order of things, living the cycle of life and death, just like we do.
During the last few years we have seen a major increase of destructive behaviour in our fellow humans, behaviour that came in the form of hurting others to relieve their own spiritual pain. 
Many may disagree with me on the subject of hunting an animal but I hold to the point that in today's modern world, no one should hunt any wild animal. Hunting is uncivilized, cruel and unnecessary.
That brings me to the following subject that go hand in hand with hunting.

Trapping is of the worst kind of animal cruelty one can inflict on another being and it is unfortunate to see how many so called 'modern societies' still practice this barbarity.
As a South African that has seen the horrors of war I had the disagreeable experience of seeing the effect of landmines on communities, with reference to Angola who had the most landmines ever hidden around the countryside with more than 86000 landmine victims.

'What has landmines got to do with traps for wolves?' you may ask. 'Everything'. The animal trap of yesteryear is the inspiration for this monstrous weapon, the anti personnel mine. An explosive device that is hidden just beneath the surface waiting to maim or kill indiscriminately for a victim to step on it. It may be a soldier, a woman on her way to fetch water, a child running along in a playful mood, a cow peacefully grazing. All the time this monster is lurking there waiting. This is often the result for the lucky ones that did not die...
Landmines are indiscriminate and maims and kill without discretion or direction.
Once the landmine is hidden and armed, the one who laid it has no control over the end result.
The mechanical landmine
We get many kinds of traps but most widely used are the leghold traps, conibear traps, or snares, and they have all this one thing in common. They are all indiscriminate killers.
Each year traps in the USA kill millions of 'non targeted' animals. "Non targeted' is the common phrase used by trappers as if they can actually target a trap. That is an impossible notion. These 'non targeted animals are referred to as 'Trash animals' by the trapping society.
"Trash animals"???  Let me show you some of these 'Trash animals'
The pictures speak for themselves, from raptors, some highly endangered to loved pets and the sad part is that some of these traps are set within a stones throw of your place of living.

Recently trapping was resumed in the USA, New Mexico and this does not only pose a threat to the Mexican wolf but also to you, your pets and your children. Does the government of New Mexico care about your rights when they legalize trapping? Read the following real case study courtesey of  Fur Free Alliance.
Port Byron, Illinois, 2004—A week before the winter holidays, a boxer named Libby was killed by a conibear trap set in a ditch on the side of the road near the owners' home. The family's daughter let Libby outside and when she did not return within the next 20 minutes, the father went looking for Libby and found her dead in the trap. The family estimated that the trap was set about 10 feet from the road.
North Pole, Alaska, 1990—Shiloh, a 3-year-old husky, stepped in a steel-jawed leghold trap in a rural residential area. The animal control officer who examined her estimated that Shiloh had been in the trap anywhere between 3-6 weeks. Shiloh managed to escape when her left front paw rotted off. During the time she was caught in the trap, her weight plummeted from 60 pounds to 20 pounds. Fortunately, once Shiloh was taken to a vet’s office, she began to eat healthily, put on weight, and improve her temperament. The vet amputated Shiloh’s paw up to its wrist. Shiloh, now a three footed dog, was eventually adopted by the animal control officer.
The fact that so many victims are animals does not take away from the fact that you or your children cannot fall victim to this barbaric device of cruelty. The steel jawed leghold traps have the capacity to seriously injure an adult, amputate a childs leg and mutilate a person in the same way as a small personnel mine can. Do not feel safe until your government bans trapping of any kind.
In the recent "war of wolves' Idaho and Montana decided to make use of trapping to kill wolves.
The main reason they do this is because the wolves are simply too clever to be hunted easily in a conventional way therefore they have to resort to this barbaric practice to ensure they kill the maximum before the end of the season next year.

They make use of the trusted leghold trap. They have set a time limit on inspection of the traps. Once in 48 hours. That means an animal caught in the trap can suffer for up to 48 hours before being killed.

A Wolfer(Trapper) will tell you there is no better way to do away with wolves. There is also no worse way I can think of. Has he(the Wolfer) ever been caught in a leghold trap, blinded by pain and fear, trying to shake the dreaded device from its paw, then in final desperation start chewing at its own flesh to free itself? No I guess not , ... and it is often because we as humans never experienced the pain and suffering ourselves that we inflict it so easily on other creatures.

The fact that a phrase 'recreational trapping' is widely used by wildlife oficials demonstrate the insensitivity of the people who have to look after the welfare of our wildlife. It reflects the state of our society. Do you want to live close to a person that inflicts such cruelty on another creature for recreational purposes? I don't.. what else will he/she do for recreation? I am scared to elaborate...
With that in mind I ask you, should we not take a stand and ban trapping for any kind of purpose. To punish perpetuators of trapping with the law and make that punishment serious.
I place two of these horrid tales but there are literally thousands similar encounters with traps worldwide and governments seem to favor the trappers when they allow trapping, whether it is for the fur or to cull 'problem animals'.
Wolves caught in leg hold traps
The Poison trap M44

M44 is a device that ejects cyanide into the mouth of an animal and is commonly used to kill coyotes. They are not selective and therefore kill non-targeted animals including dogs. Most states have banned this brutal device for use by the public, but it is used by the Federal Wildlife Services. M44 is deployed on both public and private land.
A head clamp type trap.
Please click and read this then send link to all your friends. Traps are a threat to everyone not only to animals
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This video gives some footage demonstrating the cruelty of trapping
A photograph of a trapper in the employ of Idaho Nez Perce National Forest Dept posing hapily for a phograph whilst a wolf caught in his trap is obviously suffering in the background. The picture is not a once in a lifetime occurence. Trappers like to be photographed torturing and taunting their trapped victims further before they finally kill it. Usually by stranglibng it or crush the life out of it by stomping on its chest etc. It sounds horrid but it is fact.
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