The Wolf Army
19 February 2012
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Chalk art by V Kennard
“Let them eat Cake”  by Vincent A Kennard

Recently a wolf from Oregon was illegally shot by a hunter from Idaho. The fact that this wolf was collared lead me to believe that its whereabouts was known and that the ‘hunters’ that killed him knew exactly where he was from info received from inside Oregon.
What is disturbing is that the particular hunter had no right to kill the wolf in the first place as he had no valid wolf tag, making his killing of the wolf legally equal to poaching.
So far we have seen the ‘hunter’ displaying his ill gotten ‘trophy’ with a big smile on every newspaper in Idaho. Killing a wolf in Idaho apparently makes you some sort of national hero.
The reaction from Idaho officials quote:   “He wasn’t cited because our officers have some discretion here, and the officer in this case believed that he just made a mistake,” (Mr Keckler) 
I’ll remember that one next time I get cited for speeding. “Sorry officer, I made a mistake…” I bet that will help.
I am convinced that if Idaho wasn’t such a poverty stricken parasite state they would have erected a statue for every person who killed a wolf.
The reaction to this illegal killing of the wolf from Oregon from Idaho’s top politician and Governor Butch Otter was a sarcastic offer to Gov John Kitzhaber of that state to relocate 150 wolves to Oregon as compensation.
“In an effort to be a good neighbor and help Oregon maintain and increase its wolf population for the preservation of the species in your state, I am offering to send you 150 wolves from Idaho,” he further went on “Idaho has more than a sufficient number, in fact many more than the federal government originally required we have, and can spare a few.”

His poor attempt at comedy should not be taken lightly. This is a senior official, a governor of the state using governmental time and equipment to play the funnyman. His hunting buddies may think it is a great joke but the majority of poverty stricken jobless inhabitants of Idaho would rather he start doing his job and stop playing the comedian. 
Another such an attempt at comedy during office hours is from Wyoming’s Republican Rep. Allen Jaggi pushing for introduction of wolves into Central Park with a ‘tongue in cheek bill’ apparently to tell other states to butt out of Wyoming’s affairs and especially Wyoming Legislature’s proposed action against wolves.
In fact seen from a point of view of the US tax payer I would be very concerned that these men earn quite a lot being the governors and elected representatives.
All Butch Otter has achieved so far for Idaho and its people was to help remove the wolf from the ESA. With some very dubious political underhanded tactics one would expect from some third world country.
Exactly what Montana, Idaho and Wyoming would have been, had it not been taken into the Federation where it can be nursed and spoon fed by Big Brother and the taxes collected from tax payers all over America.
What few people realize is that Idaho, Montana and Wyoming are dependant on Federal subsidy to keep them from crumbling. Thus making their affairs very much a concern of the other richer tax paying states.
Back to Butch Otter. It seems like the only thing the man has on his mind is the killing of wolves.
Whereas his hunting buddies will probably erect a monument for his part in the ongoing re-extinction program of the Grey wolf in Idaho and the rest of the Northern Rockies, one should ask oneself the question. Why did the people of Idaho vote him into office? To kill wolves? To act the comedian? I don’t think so.
Ask the countless jobless people, the unschooled masses, the homeless, the sick and elderly. Ask him about the bad health system, the poor education system.
In fact after he is done killing all the wolves in Idaho and saved the apparent endangered elk population (there are literally millions trampling Yellowwood to dust). What is he going to do about the dwindling forests? (result of over grazing) Ask him
why is it still necessary for people in America to be so poor that their only means of feeding their families is to hunt? To hunt even squirrels as that is what stands between them and starvation many times.
Many people blame wolf advocates for not understanding this dire problem. All they see and hear from their leaders is that the wolves are taking their only source of food, elk and deer. Thing is, many wolf advocates know that the leaders of Idaho, Montana and other states do not have the well being of the poor masses in mind when demonizing the wolves. Many wolf advocates live in these states themselves.
These politicians are protecting their own hunting privileges. These states are the private hunting grounds for the rich political and corporate elite further south.
It’s time the Northern States’ people wake up and see their elected leaders’ real agendas and start demanding their own rights as citizens of the richest country in the world.
The right to live like decent people, the right to education and the right to have a job, just to name a few. The time has come to demand more from your elected leaders and make them work for their salaries for a change.
When you have these rights fulfilled you will find the right to hunt not nearly as important as it is right now. Once you can live like a decent human being for a change, politicians like Butch Otter will have no place in any leading capacity, nor will their incessant crying ‘wolf’ have any effect.